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Daily Yoga and Meditation

Mantra for Meditation

Daily Yoga and Maditation
Mantra is a phrase or sentence use to chant repetitive way to be focus for meditation. For Meditation for Beginners, Mantra meditation is simple and easy technique that everyone can do. Mantra chanting meditation is famous among Hindu and Buddhist religion. Every mantra produces specific type of vibrant of wave. Vibrant wave produces in mantra chanting cleanses negative waves and spread positive wave in the surrounding environment. Each Mantra can be chant repetitive way for longer hours of time during meditation. It is believed that more you chant mantra more spiritual energy flow. This spiritual energy is called Aura. Mantra chanting is done for other purpose as well beyond meditation. I have explain 8 different mantra used by Hinduism. Each Mantra can be chant 8, 21, 108, 1008, 100008, 1…………8 times for best result.

Daily Yoga and Meditation

गन गणपते नमः

It is pronounced as “Om Gan Ganapate Nama” derived from Ganapati Upanishad. It belongs to Lord Ganesh Mantra. This mantra is chant before any new activities are to be start. For example: before beginning a journey, Starting new career or job, before reading books, before examination, entering to new house or business etc. It is done so that every new beginning starts with good and may achieve great success at its earliest.
Daily Yoga and Meditation

वक्रतुण्ड माहाकाय सूर्यकोटि समः प्रभः

It can be pronounced as "Vakratunda Mahakaya Suryakoti Sama Prabha". This mantra chants for soul purification and Removal of obstacles on doing any good work.

गंध्याक्षाया नमः

It can be pronounced as “Om Gangdhyaxyaya Nama” . This mantra is also belonged to Lord Ganesh mantra and chant in a group for group healing. It can be chant by individual for meditation but group chanting meditation with this mantra produces good vibrant and heal every member with great spiritual energy.

विनायकाय नमः

Pronounce this mantra as “Om Binayakaya Nama”. In the golden age, Lord Ganesh is named as Binayak. This mantra is chant to have golden age in our life. Binayak literally means everything under control and in your home, office or work, you'll be the boss on continuous chanting for more numbers of time.

विघ्न नाशनाय नमः

Pronounce this mantra as “Om Bighna Nasanaya Nama”. On chanting this mantra, it is believed the Lord Ganesh will remove every impediment in life and in works. With constant meditation by chanting this mantra, all blocked energy and obstacles in physical and astral bodies are released.

विकटाय नमः

Pronounce this mantra as “Om Biktaya Nama”. When meditate with this mantra, we start to go deep inside and realize spiritual meaning of physical body and astral soul.

लम्बोदाराए नमः

“Om Lambodaraya Nama” mantra means that all the universes are within you. For Example an entire tree was in the form of seed at the beginning. Chanting this mantra will make you realize the oneness with the universe.

गज्कर्नीकाया नमः

“Om Gajkarnikaya Nama”. On chanting this mantra, it develops the capacity to hear the inner sound of spiritual soul on its regular practice.

श्री गणेशाये नमः

“Om Sri Ganeshaye Nama”. On chanting this mantra regularly will increase memory power. So this mantra is more famous among students.  Parents advise their kid to chant this mantra before study and during examination. With regular meditation by chanting this mantra will be beneficial for those suffering from memory loss.

Why Mantra Meditation ?

Mantra meditation is easy, simple and everyone can start from today.

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