Saturday, February 13, 2016

Daily Yoga and Meditation

Basic Meditation for Beginners Technique 1

Meditation is very simple but not easy for beginners. Meditation is the big term and can't be explain in words. It require regular practice and experience to understand by yourself. If someone try to explain what meditation is in actual then he might be buffering or he don't know anything. So I am not explaining what is meditation here. I will simply explain basic steps and process to meditate. You must be thinking how long you need to meditate. Question seems quite difficult but I have very simple and scientific answer for this. You need to meditate number of minute of your age in minimum and longer than that is always best.You can start your basic meditation in just 2 simple steps.

Basic Meditation for Beginners

Step 1: Basic Meditation for Beginners

Be mentally prepare yourself for meditation. Select place where you won't be disturb. Switch off your cell phone, remove alarm in cell phone or clock, disconnect telephone lines and place other disturbing things away from your meditating place. Wear comfortable clothes and take comfortable posture. Comfortable posture means the pose you can stay long. I suggest sitting in Lotus posture which is best position for meditation. If you can't then its not a problem. You can seat in a chair or bed but your back should be straight. You can even meditate in sleeping position which I used to practice when I meditate at night.

Step 2: Basic Meditation for Beginners

Lets move one more step ahead. One of very easy step I have chosen for you that everyone can do i.e. breathing exercise. Breathing exercise means breath inside (inhale) and breath outside (exhale) breathing in controlled and different ways. Take slow, longer and deeper inhale and similarly exhale slowly. Very easy, inhale and exhale very slowly. Continue it for about 5 minutes. For beginners 5 minutes is sufficient and can increase time up to 15 minutes. Practice this for one week and move to little higher steps that you will get in next post Basic Meditation for Beginners Technique 2.
Basic Meditation for Beginners Technique Breathing Exercise
Breathing Exercise

Experience with Basic Meditation

Practice it regularly and feel the experience. As I have said earlier meditation is very simple but not easy. You can't understand until you do it by yourself. I will share other simple techniques in next post.

Benefits of Meditation:

  • 1.     Gradually remove stress and feel calm and peace.
  • 2.     Increase smooth blood circulation in heart.
  • 3.     Cure Lungs disease and other lungs related diseases.
  • 4.     Boost memory power of all ages.
  • 5.     Cure respiratory diseases.
  • 6.     Increase physical and mental strength.
  • 7.     It is best meditation to cure migrant pain.
  • 8.     Increase Immune system function to improve overall health.
  • 9.     Enhances metabolism and muscles tone.
  • 10.   Increase creativity and innovative ideas.

 Precaution for meditation:

          Meditation for beginners require some precautions to start meditate. In meditative phase your mind become purely neutral so if you are guided negative or positive will determine the results. So you need to begin meditation with guidance from experience meditation instructor.

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