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Daily Yoga and Meditation

Basic Meditation for Beginners Technique 3

Mantra Meditation for Beginners

Mantra meditation is the best meditation for beginners. For beginners it is very difficult to stay calm and focus during meditation. There are many Mantra that can be used during meditation. Mantra is the phrase of words or complete sentence that is proven to produce specific vibrant of positive wave. Mantra Meditation has dual benefits. One it will help to meditate for beginners and second it will produce good amount of Aura in our body. Begin with basic meditation steps and start chanting mantra. You can pick any mantra if you already know few mantras or choose from Mantras for Meditation. In Mantra for Meditation I have only describe few mantras and there are thousands of mantras. I suggest you to know detail about mantra that you are going to chant.
Mantra Meditation for Beginners

Many of you might have one question that how many times you need to chant mantra during meditation. Well the more you chant mantra during meditation you start developing more aura in your body. During meditation for beginners I advice to chant any mantra for 108 times. The strength of mantra grows the healing power. Pattern for mantra chanting are 8, 21, 108, 1008, 10….08 times.
Two steps to mediate for beginners are one be physically & mentally prepare and second to follow any simple technique of breathing exercise.

Step 1: Prepare Physically and Mentally for Meditation

Be mentally prepared that you are going to do meditation for next few minutes. For physical preparation, wear comfortable lose clothes, select silence environment and take any easy posture where you can standstill for 10-15 minutes of time. I prefer to meditate in the early morning where I get fresh air and natural sounds of birds, trees, leaves, animals, river, stream and so on. Lotus posture is regarded as the best posture for meditation from ancient time. 

Step 2: Simple Technique of Breathing Exercise for Meditation

Breathing exercise is to control your breathing i.e. inhale and exhale of breathing. During meditation we mostly choose only one simple technique of breathing. Inhale and exhale our breathing in slow, longer and deeper breathing.

Basic Meditation for Beginners Mantra Meditation

 Experience with Mantra Meditation

Breathing exercise is to control your breathing i.e. inhale and exhale of breathing. During meditation we mostly choose only one simple technique of breathing. For few minutes inhale and exhale of our breathing in slow, longer and deeper way. It will make our mind calm and so we can begin mantra chanting. Every mantra has its proven rhythm to chant. However it is not necessary for beginner and even you can chant mantra without making sound.

Benefits of Meditation:

  • 1.     It gradually removes stress and makes you feel calm and peace.
  • 2.     Cure Lungs related diseases.
  • 3.     Enhance memory power.
  • 4.     Cure respiratory diseases.
  • 5.     Increase physical and mental strength.
  • 6.     This meditation will cure migrant pain.
  • 7.     Immune system functions well for overall health.
  • 8.     Increase creativeness and innovation.

 Precaution for meditation:

          It is advice to understand mantras well before starting Mantra Meditation. Every mantra has its own rhythm for chanting it. For beginner it is hard to catch the exact rhythm. So soundless mantra chanting is better option during meditation.

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