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Daily Yoga and Meditation

Basic Meditation for Beginners Technique 2

        Please follow instruction basic meditation for beginners technique 1 before reading this post. With regular practice of basic meditation for beginners technique 1 you might have been comfortable to mediate up to 15 minutes. You have understood the surface of meditation and now it’s time to go little deeper inside meditationEvery renowned masters or gurus of meditation began their journey in the same way little by little. It is gym of your mind. Like in gym, regular and gradually increase in exercise or practice is required in meditation. Continuity is must for beginners. After few regular meditation sessions you will learn to meditate in different situation and scenario. When you become expert you can meditate at every moment in every activity you perform. I am not giving big article on meditation because it is purely based on practice to understand it better by yourself. 
Basic Meditation for begineers

Step 1: Basic Meditation for Beginners

First step is same as basic meditation for beginners technique 1. Mentally prepare for meditation and take comfortable position making backbone straight for meditation. For beginners I recommended to go through my technique 1 and practice about a week before moving to technique 2. However you can begin meditation journey from here. To start meditation there is not specific rules.

Step 2: Basic Meditation for Beginners

Follow step 2 of basic meditation for beginners technique 1 for 5 minutes i.e. inhale deep, slow and longer breathe and exhale in the same way. After this let’s move little deeper into meditation from surface. I always choose simple and best technique to meditate deeper inside. Again we do breathing exercise and now you try to feel the spot where air touches inside nose during inhale and exhale of breathing. Simply keep observing the spot where air touches during inhaling and exhaling. Feel the touch and its warmness and coldness. Continue this for 10 minutes to 20 minutes daily.
Basic Meditation for Begineers

Experience with Basic Meditation

Practice it regularly and feel the experience. As I have said earlier meditation is very simple but not easy. You can't understand until you do it by yourself. It is necessary to continue it on regular basis. Make it routine to sit for meditation for few days then it will be your habit. I will share other simple techniques in next post Basic Meditation for Beginners Technique 3.

Benefits of Meditation:

          Benefits of this technique are same as previous meditation technique 1.
1.     It gradually remove stress make you feel fresh.

2.     Maintain blood circulation in heart smooth.

3.     Cure diseases of Lungs and related.

4.     Increase memory to capable you remember quicker and longer.

5.     Cure respiratory diseases.

6.     Make you physically and mentally healthy.

7.     Cure aged migrant pain.

8.     Enhance Immunity to improve overall health.

9.     Manage body metabolism and muscles tone.

10. Increase brain function for creativity and innovation.

 Precaution for meditation:

          Precaution is required for beginners to practice meditation. In meditative phase mind become purely neutral that can be guided either negatively or positively. So when experience meditation instructor guide you to begin meditation will result all benefits mention above.

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